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Soil Health Conference - World Soil Day




The research results contained in these PPT's, when used in a policy (influencing) context, are presented in a complete and correct fashion. The degree of uncertainty and limitations of the results must be clearly stated. Both the scientist and the subsequent user of research results described in the PPT present the reported research results truthfully in the media, to colleagues, clients, or any other third party. They are careful not to create unrealistic expectations nor unwarranted unease.



Bezoek Wageningen Research en Aarhus University aan ILVO

29 september 2022



Netwerkevent LLAEBIO draait door

26 januari 2023

8 september 2022

2 mei 2022

1 februari 2021

30 september 2021

29 juni 2021

11 januari 2021

19 oktober 2020



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Algemene presentatie over agro-ecologie 



Lessenreeks agro-ecologie aan de Universiteit Gent



Inspiratiemoment agro-ecologie voor leerkrachten secundair onderwijs



Inspiratiewebinar 'Laat de bodem voor je werken!'



Webinar reeks 'Faire prijs':



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